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Wild Alaska Lingcod

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Wild Alaska Lingcod. Hand Caught, Hand Cut. 

8 oz individual portions

Includes 6 portions that total ~3.0 lb 

  • 100% Traceable - Small Boat Catch
  • Every fish comes with an origin guarantee. 
  • Lingcod is a versatile white fish with a mild flavor, medium-firm texture, and a subtle richness in texture. 
  • Not as silky as Sablefish and not as dense as Halibut. It's unto itself. Deserving greater recognition than being served as an anonymous "white fish" in restaurants. It’s so good!
  • Wrapped by hand in parchment, vacuum sealed, and flash-frozen for unparalleled quality. 
  • Skinless and Boneless (there is always the possibility of an unexpected bone in any fish) 
  • All our offerings are sushi-grade and a great choice for raw recipes.
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