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Bundle: Log Cabin + Whisper Kissed
Bundle: Log Cabin + Whisper Kissed
Bundle: Log Cabin + Whisper Kissed
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bundle: Log Cabin + Whisper Kissed
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bundle: Log Cabin + Whisper Kissed
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bundle: Log Cabin + Whisper Kissed

Bundle: Log Cabin + Whisper Kissed

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(2) Copper River Sockeye Salmon: Log Cabin smoke-style. 8 oz each.

(2)  Copper River Coho Salmon: Whisper Kissed smoke-style. 8 oz each.

(1) Bundle Bonus: Our choice of CR salmon & smoke-style. New Mini, 4 oz each.

$125 value. On sale for $100. Free Shipping. 

*The items included in our sampler change/rotate based on our small-batch availability. We will always ship the items listed in the product description, above. Just keep in mind, that contents may differ from previous Sampler Bundles. 

These pouches are a flavor treat and a nutritional boost. Full of vitamins and minerals and pure ocean protein. A perfect pantry staple!

  • Only 3 ingredients, 4 if you count the smoke
  • Ingredients: wild-caught Copper River Salmon, salt, brown sugar, and natural real alder-wood smoke
  • Nothing artificial. No added nitrates, nitrites, oils, or coloring.
  • Keeps in the pantry unopened for years; refrigerate after opening and use within 5 days or less. 

Log Cabin vs Whisper Kissed

LOG CABIN: Full, Rich, Distinct

Our CR Sockeye Log Cabin smoke-style was a top 5 finalist in the 2023 Good Food Awards!

Our Log Cabin smoke-style is the flavor of Sarah's childhood and she is so pleased to share it with you! Prepared in the regional style of the remote South Central Alaska coastline's earliest inhabitants* and a replica of the tastes and textures produced in the backyard family smokehouse, this is a flavor you will crave after you have tried it. 

8 oz pouches contain fillets cut into strips (4-5 per package)during the smoking process to allow the sweetness of sugar and savoriness of salt to penetrate, while also giving more surface area for the wood smoke to circulate and encapsulate each cut.

4 oz pouches contain single portions carefully filleted and cut by hand for a presentable mini version of our coveted strips. 

Try it on a bagel with cream cheese or sprinkled atop a rich chowder or added to a deep dish quiche. The smoky flavor will shine through even when paired against robust cheeses or deeply flavored oatmeal stout. Log Cabin is the boisterous and outspoken big sister of our demure and soft-spoken Whisper Kissed

WHISPER KISSED: Delicate, Light, Nuanced

Whisper Kissed smoke-style makes a graceful entrance. With just the lightest touch of smoke, the clean ocean flavors of our beloved Copper River Salmon are preserved. 

Hearty single portion (1 per package), similar to our frozen portions. The single-cut is ever so lightly smoked and is well suited to a quick no-cook dinner main. 

Serve beside a crisp green salad or crumble and top cucumber slices. Best paired with lightly flavored accompaniments. An artisan cracker, smooth neutral cheese, and bubbly Prosecco make for an easy-to-prepare yet impressive light first course. 

* This is the salmon smoking tradition Sarah was raised with, but culinary credit absolutely must be given to the indigenous earliest inhabitants of the Copper River Region. The town of Cordova is located on the Eyak People's lands. The outflow of the glacial-fed Copper River Watershed spills from here into the open Gulf of Alaska ocean sustaining wild salmon and surrounding inhabitants for thousands of years. Learn more about the Eyak People here.

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