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Now, let's talk about smoked salmon.

Now, let's talk about smoked salmon.

Prepared in a traditional style. This is a family favorite.

Sarah learned to use a can opener at a very early age to have this wholesome snack whenever the craving hit.

She grew up in a generational fishing home. Mom and Dad both ran their own boats and fished independently of each other and at times somewhat competitively. But that's another story...

In the front yard, next to the family built log cabin, on a gravel pad amongst the old growth forest stood a smokehouse erected by the original homesteader. In this little structure magic happened.

The family's catch of Copper River Salmon was cut by hand with care into shining red strips and brined briefly in a "just right"; not too sweet, not too salty mix of brown cane sugar and salt.

Then tenderly smoked over a cold smoldering alder-wood fire for "just enough" hours to impart a light and complimentary smoke flavor to the already intrinsically delicious Copper River Salmon.

Though the old smokehouse is no longer in use; little else is changed. Rest assured Copper River Fish Market's Smoked Wild Alaska Copper River Salmon
is the real deal crafted in a style of time gone by. Our Copper River Salmon is cut by hand, brined with only brown sugar and salt and lightly smoked over real alder-wood.

These tins are a flavor treat and a nutritional boost. Full of vitamins and minerals and a pure ocean protein. A perfect pantry staple! Have this on hand for those busy days when you want to eat right but are short on time.

Fantastic over a simple green salad, added to Miso soup, or added to a rich and cheesy pasta dish. Served on a cracker or zucchini slice with a dollop of creme fraiche or good ol' Philly cream cheese. These tins of smoked salmon will elevate your game!

All production is performed in a FDA and DEC approved facility.

*This is the salmon smoking tradition Sarah was raised with. But culinary credit absolutely must be given to the indigenous earliest inhabitants of the Copper River Region. The town of Cordova is located on the Eyak People's lands. The outflow of the glacial fed Copper River Watershed spills from here into the open Gulf of Alaska ocean sustaining wild salmon and surrounding inhabitants for thousands of years. Learn more about the Eyak People here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyak_people

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