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Satisfied Customers

Jessica Seinfeld with Copper River Fish Market Salmon

"It’s Spring and wild caught Copper River Salmon are ready to fill your body with Omegas and Vitamin D. Our friends at Copper River Fish Market will Fedex it to your door from their fishing boat. …[I am] proud to post something which supports independent fishermen/people busting it in Alaska."

- Jessica Seinfeld, Cookbook Author and Philanthropist


*Visit Jessica’s website or instagram page for salmon recipes and so much more!


"The two shipments arrived in perfect condition.
Thanks for all the effort that you put into exceeding the customers expectations.
I don’t know how you do it but that magic that you create is noticed and appreciated by me, thank you.

When you previously mentioned that there was a possibility that you would not be able to fill all CR King orders this season, I subsequently purchased some frozen CR King from [name removed]. I had previously purchased from them this season and had upon eating your fish found that your fish was significantly better in quality then their CR King. Tonight I grilled a [name removed] CR King filet and I was really surprised at how much better your fish was compared to theirs. 

Please put me at the top of your list for the upcoming CR King season. I would like to purchase both the fresh and frozen!"
Dan P. - California

"Love ordering Salmon from you. Just got our first order of Halibut and can't wait to try. Thank you for all you do."
Lori O. - Connecticut

"I baked some of your Sockeye salmon at a really low temp on fresh lemon slices and garden herbs, it was a religious experience! I want more!!"
Sarah M. - California

"Always the freshest, always the best. Rick and Sarah never fail to deliver the goods!"
Noah S. - New York

“It was so moist and rich that it just melted in my mouth. Thank you Sarah for another great fish dinner!! Your salmon really is superlative.”  
Rebecca A. - Colorado

“Hooray!! Feasting tonight! Thanks for all you do. Love the info and box you send, all together there is no weak link in your entire operation. Many Many thanks!!”
Dave P. - Virginia

“We got our fish today!!! Hooray!!! It came ice cold and frozen solid, amazing. You guys rock!”
LaRae B. - Arizona 

"Thank you very much for the salmon it is excellent! So much so, that I am ordering some more.”
Johanna N. - New York

"Thanks for the awesome salmon, we were completely wowed by the quality. I also wanted to compliment you on the recipes/ brochures/ info you send with the orders- super on target and useful.”
Molly W. -California

“Thanks, it was out of this world! I'd had some sockeye from Wh*le F**ds earlier in May and it just doesn't come close at all. Really want to thank you for bringing such phenomenal, wonderful fish to our table. It has really helped my family to start to eat well. Am going to try my hand at grilling some at a BBQ later this summer when I place my next order. I will let you know!”
Sable Y. -California

“Wanted to let you know that salmon arrived on time for my husband's birthday and he loves it!  You'll definitely be hearing from me.” 
Neva T. - Florida

Our wholesale accounts are happy too!

"Awesome! We love the fish and look forward to more in the future.”
Matt F. - Idaho

“Thank you... impeccable! My crew is very happy with the product and would like to place another order. Many thanks....and maybe we'll even get to meet one day if you come and visit the Hamptons.”
Tora M. - New York

"It took me Thursday and Friday to sell out of the sockeye!  Everybody is loving it. I also cooked one for a BBQ and it was the best sockeye salmon I have ever had!!!  Amazing fish!!!”
Lyf G. - Oregon

“Thanks for the fish. Beautiful and beautifully cared for and prepped for shipment.The details matter and information is essential. I am grateful that you take such great care!”
Lee M. - California

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