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Founders Note:

As a generational, lifetime fisher(wo)man; I was growing increasingly disappointed in the many falsehoods in markets and on menus, such as lower-quality fish being sold as premium cuts at premium prices and the general confusion and shady tactics of the industrial food system.

Increasing industry consolidation and the growing dominance of mega-corporations within the seafood sector is harming the buyers of seafood and the small-boat fisher people working hard to produce a safe and healthy protein.

CRFM bridges the gap between boat and plate by taking out the middle man, providing a direct connection to the ocean and by responsibly managing every part of the process from catch to delivery.

Foremost, I am a fisher(wo)man. I am 100% confident you will not find the level of care and quality we offer anywhere else. Our methods do not scale and simply are not possible in the industrial seafood supply chain model.  

I appreciate your suggestions and input on all things big and small. I'll gladly answer any questions you might have about our seafood with accuracy and integrity.

Best Fishes, Sarah 

Fisher(wo)man & Founder: Copper River Fish Market LLC

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