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Smoked Salmon 

  • Our smoked salmon is best suited for recipes calling for pre-cooked smoked styles. Not to be confused with raw, cured lox.
  • No oils or liquids are added to our smoked salmon products. Any liquid is a natural result of our cooking process. This is gold. Do not drain away, use it in your preparations. 

Raw Preparations 

  • Our frozen seafood is flash-frozen within hours of being caught and surpasses quality standards for raw consumption.
  • Thaw frozen seafood intended for raw consumption in your refrigerator. Do not rush the thawing process on your counter top or in a water bath. You want to take care to keep your seafood very cold during all preparation steps.
  • For the thinnest slices and tidiest cubes, cut while still partially frozen. Just after pin bones are pulled.

Cooked Preparations

Our seafood really does shine on it's own. A drizzle of quality olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt is our favorite preparation. 
Check out Jessica Seinfeld's cookbooks for inspiration. Seafood, Vegan and Luscious Desserts, she knows how. 
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