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Copper River King Salmon, cooking tips
Copper River King Salmon Collars, cooking tipsCopper River Sockeye Salmon, cooking tips
Copper River Coho Salmon, cooking tips
Wild Alaska Pacific Halibut, cooking tips
Wild Alaska Sablefish, cooking tips
Wild Alaska Pacific Lingcod, cooking tips
Wild Alaska Pacific Rockfish, cooking tips
Wild Alaska Pacific Grey Cod, cooking tips

Smoked Salmon 

  • Our smoked salmon is best suited for recipes calling for pre-cooked smoked styles. Not to be confused with raw, cured lox.
  • No oils or liquids are added to our smoked salmon products. Any liquid is a natural result of our cooking process. This is gold. Do not drain away, use it in your preparations. 

Raw Preparations 

  • Our frozen seafood is flash-frozen within hours of being caught and surpasses quality standards for raw consumption.
  • Thaw frozen seafood intended for raw consumption in your refrigerator. Do not rush the thawing process on your counter top or in a water bath. You want to take care to keep your seafood very cold during all preparation steps.
  • For the thinnest slices and tidiest cubes, cut while still partially frozen. Just after pin bones are pulled.

Cooked Preparations

Our seafood really does shine on it's own. A drizzle of quality olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt is our favorite preparation. 
Check out Jessica Seinfeld's cookbooks for inspiration. Seafood, Vegan and Luscious Desserts, she knows how. 
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