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100% Origin Guaranteed. Fisher(wo)man Direct.

Artisan Smoked Seafood: in stock, ready to ship

Fresh-Catch and Just-Frozen Seafood: sold out, avail spring of 2024

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Our finest catch of Copper River Salmon. Delicately infused with real wood smoke.

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A Seafood Boutique in Remote Alaska Fisher(wo)man Founded, Owned & Operated

Sarah, is a generational fisher(wo)man with over two decades of experience in sustainable, small-boat fishing. Every catch is hand selected, and each shipment comes with an origin guarantee.

Curated with the hand of a Seafood Sommelier.™ 

Our Story

Our customers are as unique as our seafood.

Professional chefs and discerning home cooks appreciate our commitment to quality.

Values Based Seafood

In today's industrialized food system it can be hard to trust that the food you are consuming has been produced in alignment with your values.

Let us make enjoying seafood easy for you.

We are your direct connection to wild-catch seafood sourced with reverence for people, planet and fish.

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