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Our Smoked Seafood

Copper River Smoked Salmon
  • Best Served at Room Temperature.
  • Contains Rich Fish Oil and Broth that Naturally Occurs During Production.
  • Hand-Cut and Minimally Processed. Skin On for Best Nutrition and Healthy Fats.
  • Pairs Well with Pungent Cheese, Hearty Rye, and Pickled Red Onion.

All wild salmon are different, region-specific genetics produce unique characteristics that set wild Alaska Copper River salmon apart from other pacific salmon. 

Copper River Fish Market’s catch is in a class of its own. Bold distinctions of texture, flavor, and lusciousness are all the result of the specialized quality-enhancing techniques we use at sea while hand harvesting our catch.

Next, our premium catch of Copper River salmon is enhanced by the subtleties of a small-batch, old-world smoke style that carefully balances savory & sweet and imparts “just enough” depth of flavor to be bold, not overpowering.

Read on for tips on how to enjoy our smoked salmon, and to learn how species-specific qualities make each Copper River Fish Market smoked product so varied.



We have crafted our LOG CABIN smoke style utilizing three different species of Copper River Salmon. KING, SOCKEYE, and COHO provide the base for a varying range of flavor profiles specific to that fish’s intrinsic characteristics. 

Here are the notes to look out for with each species of Copper River Fish Market’s wild-caught Alaska salmon and how they each shine in their own right! 

1. Copper River Salmon: KING is hand-selected at the peak of their migratory cycle to enjoy the highest level of fats. Providing unparalleled richness and a smooth, easy flavor profile. Due to its lusciousness of mouthfeel, we suggest KING for feature presentations rather than incorporating it into recipes. 

2. Copper River Salmon: SOCKEYE is selected for size and shape from our catch to achieve thick cuts of ruby red excellence. You might detect a nuttier taste and firmer texture with a more impactful flavor profile. SOCKEYE stands up to robust flavor pairings, such as pumpernickel, everything bagels, or folded into a quiche. 

We love to showcase LOG CABIN: SOCKEYE in a simple sushi roll with avo & cuke!

3. Copper River Salmon: COHO is our lesser-known cult favorite. Featuring a lower oil content and a clean fresh-from-the-ocean flavor, it’s a salmon everybody can agree on. Captured at the peak of excellence our COHO is firm and meaty. This is the perfect salmon for topping a crisp green salad or as an unexpected base for poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce.



Have a napkin ready and embrace the tactile experience! 

1. Drink room-temperature water first. Our smoked salmon offers a complexity of flavors and is bathed in rich oils that occur naturally during the process, it is vital to taste with a clean and warmed pallet.

2. Open your golden pouch at the tear indent near the top while holding it upright to avoid a spill. Slide the contents gently onto a rimmed plate, broth, and all. You’ll immediately detect an aroma of sweet and savory with a subtle natural smoke backer.

3. Brake a piece off with your fingers, (skin-on for the richest mouth feel). Pop into your mouth and taste, slowly and thoughtfully. Let the lusciousness permeate and consider the health benefits this decadence brings. 

Ready to eat from the pouch or add to a recipe.

Pairs well with a hearty cracker, soft cheese, and capers. Accompany with fresh pear slices and a glass of wine. Or easily elevate simple preparations of your favorite pasta dish, vegetable quiche, or main course salad. 

What to notice when tasting Copper River Fish Market’s smoked salmon.

The first thing you might notice is the deep red hue of our salmon, hand-cut into meaty strips and encased in the fish’s naturally present, smooth, and luminous oil.

This is one of the best indications of Copper River Fish Market’s unique fisher(wo)man direct quality commitment difference.

The high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory value of our salmon is both in the meat and its oil. Do not drain these oils away, they are meant to be enjoyed!

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