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When is Copper River Sockeye Salmon caught?

When is Copper River Sockeye Salmon caught?

We do our best to surpass expectations with the offerings of our online store, but sometimes the circumstances of being an actual, out-on-the-water fishing family alters our plans.

This season, we found ourselves out at sea and taking on water. Thankfully, we were not in imminent danger. It was a manageable situation, with the regular dumping of the buckets of water that we would sponge up from our engine compartment it was a controllable event. But let’s be honest, it never feels good to be in a leaky boat, no matter how slow the leak. 

We keep an extremely tidy boat, even in our engine compartment. You’ll find a shining white floor and no drips or leaks of any kind. Given our normal state of operation, this slow leak of clean ocean water was not something we felt comfortable with. 

Really, nobody in a boat likes to take on water under the waterline. It’s just disconcerting. As a borderline (no official diagnosis) worry-wart personality type, I couldn’t help but want to peek into the engine compartment on a way to regular basis just to see if things were getting any worse. 

Not enjoying these distractions and yet another thing to think about, we decided to pull the boat out of the water. We removed the faulty parts and sent them out of town to a machine fabrication shop for repair. 

And just like that… our Copper River Sockeye season came to a hard stop. We had fully intended to put up a late season batch before the run ended but were unable.

We’ll be fixed up, back in the water and ready to go again in time for Copper River Coho Salmon fishing season and look forward to getting that in stock and ready to ship out later this month. 

We apologize to those who missed out on our 2023 Copper River Sockeye Salmon catch. We’re looking into better ways to keep everyone up to date and to better forecast how may orders we might be fulfilling during our 2024 catch season. 

Our Copper River Sockeye Salmon fishery takes place from mid-May to late-July and will next be re-stocked and available summer 2024.

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