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Copper River Coho - Description Link

Copper River Coho Salmon
  • Contains individually vacuum sealed hand-cut portions that consistently average 8 oz each. Our artisanal handcrafted food product has a slight over/under weight variance.
  • Unlike industrialized large scale commodity seafood sales we proudly offer only all premium cuts with no tiny tail tip pieces or odds and ends trimmings included to make up weight. We leave the prized belly pieces intact on our cuts.
Your Copper River Coho was fabulous! Last year we placed a large order that sustained us through the winter. We would love to do the same again this year.​ Thank you for doing what you do! Lori P Oregon

Somewhat firmer in texture than our Sockeye and King. Absolutely perfect for Poke as the texture remains firm and is not too rich when eaten uncooked. 

Similar in color and texture to King Salmon, but with reduced fat content which makes it somewhat milder in flavor. 

Coho has a very approachable Salmon flavor profile and is a good cross-over for folks accustomed to farmed salmon but wanting to make a healthy choice.  

Just like our King or Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon naturally has high levels of heart-healthy Omega 3 oils. It is low in sodium and a good source of protein, niacin, vitamin B12, and selenium. 

Revered as a superb grilling Salmon, though also exceptional baked, poached, or sautéed.

Moist and delicate, yet also firm and substantial with a pleasingly subtle fresh from the sea flavor. Exhibiting an attractive flesh tone of muted reds to moderate orange; attributed to their wild & natural ocean diet. Leaner than our CR King with a less robust flavor than our CR Sockeye. Offering plenty of Omega-3 and Vitamin D. An exceedingly tasty and pure protein source. CR Coho is a favorite of many!

Our CR Coho's inherently pure flavor profile shines easily with a simple preparation of sea salt, fresh ground white pepper, and a drizzle of quality EVOO. Alternatively, this CR Salmon readily accepts rich sauces like a coconut curry- lemongrass, or chimichurri without competing. A stand-out super star when simply prepared raw as Hawaiian Style Poke (always use flash frozen- never fresh).

Contains Pin Bones for quality.
In the commodity seafood industry, standard practice is to allow fresh caught salmon to "relax" for 3 or more days, so that pin bones can be removed without damaging the delicate meat- ours is frozen and packaged long before then. We prefer providing an exceptional quality with minimal handling and maximum freshness. We lock in our fresh caught flavor and nutrients with cutting edge flash freeze techniques.
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