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Copper River King Salmon- Description Link

Copper River King Salmon
Premium Portions

  •  Each selection ranges from 2.50 lb to 3.00 lb and contains 5-6 individually vacuum sealed, hand cut portions that consistently average 8 oz each.
  • Unlike industrialized large scale commodity seafood sales we proudly offer only all premium cuts with no end tail pieces or odds and ends trimmings included. We leave the prized belly pieces intact on our cuts.
  • We are extremely selective about the size class and quality of the Copper River King Salmon we use to produce the most premium well cared for product imaginable. Consistent care from our boat to your home. Our quality is unmatched. 
*Damn Near Perfect Portions
  • Each selection ranges from 2.50 lb to 3.00 lb and contains 5-6 individually vacuum sealed, hand cut portions that consistently average 8 oz each.
  • We don't know we're making "*Damn Near Perfect" cuts until after final inspection by Sarah. Every fish is handled with the same care at harvest and during production as our Premium Portions. But none the less, at times some portions are held to the side.
  • Slight cosmetic defects ranging from an upside down label to a fish scale or tissue line taking center stage on an otherwise flawless fillet. On rare occasion includes an odd shaped section (never a tail tip) but most often taken from the exact same section as our premium offerings. 
  • We strive for perfection and when we don't quite get there, we're honest about it. Most often customers tell us our seconds far surpass what they have received as "premium" from large scale seafood suppliers. 
  • Each selection ranges from 1.50 lb to 2.25 lb and contains 4 or 6 vacuum sealed bags the each contain 1 collars, split in half for ease of preparation. Average per collar weight varies.

​Your Copper River King at five months old still tastes fantastic and I am pacing myself so that I have the last of your Salmon approximately a week before I receive your 2022 shipment in May.

As a heads up please do not sell out your 2022 Copper River King Salmon until I have had a chance to place my order.

Again, thanks for going the extra mile in producing the best Copper River King Salmon that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Your hard work and ensuing results are not lost on me. 
​Daniel in California


Where do we get the Copper River Salmon we sell? Simple, we catch it on our independently owned fishing boat in the wilds of remote Alaska. On occasion we have family and friends pitch in when our catch is low- but only after they are trained in our advanced care of handling practices. To us every touch matters and all our fish must be handled with care from the moment they leave the ocean.
Our Copper River region's unique watershed yields some of the tastiest and purest Salmon in the world. World renowned as the most delicious Wild Salmon on the planet we are proud to be your source for the highest quality best tasting Copper River Salmon available on the planet.

Quality begins with the fisherman and no other company can come close to the traceability we offer, literally from the ocean to your plate.

Nature has prepared our robust Wild Alaska Copper River King Salmon with immense fat reserves brimming with heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids and luscious oils. They need strength, vigor, and fat for an arduous journey up the turbulent Copper River. A wild intact river system is blissfully devoid of cities and industry. Just pure glaciers and snow-capped mountains surrounded by open acres of Wild nature at its untamed best. CR Salmon return to the habitat they originated from years prior.

Our Copper River Salmon are hand-harvested and always handled with great care and respect. Our fishery is sustainably managed in perpetuity for future generations of humans, bears, and all the other species that depend on them.

Contains Pin Bones for quality.
In the commodity seafood industry, standard practice is to allow fresh caught salmon to "relax" for 3 or more days, so that pin bones can be removed without damaging the delicate meat- ours is frozen and packaged long before then. We prefer providing an exceptional quality with minimal handling and maximum freshness. We lock in our fresh caught flavor and nutrients with cutting edge flash freeze techniques. 

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