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Copper River Sockeye - Description Link

Copper River Sockeye Salmon
  • Contains individually vacuum sealed hand-cut portions that consistently average 6 oz each. Our artisanal handcrafted food product has a slight over/under weight variance.
  • Unlike industrialized large scale commodity seafood sales we proudly offer only all premium cuts with no tiny tail tip pieces or odds and ends trimmings included to make up weight. We leave the prized belly pieces intact on our cuts.
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“Thanks, it was out of this world! I'd had some  Copper River Sockeye from Wh0le F00ds earlier in May and it just doesn't come close at all. Really want to thank you for bringing such phenomenal, wonderful fish to our table. It has really helped my family to start to eat well. Am going to try my hand at grilling some at a BBQ later this summer when I place my next order. I will let you know!”
Sable Y. -California

We are only allotted to catch a small carefully regulated percentage of the total annual migration of Wild Salmon returning to the Copper River Watershed. This ensures fish and ocean health in perpetuity. 

Small-batched quality guaranteed. Cut and packed with a careful hand. We leave the prized belly section on our fillets. No tail tips. All premium cuts. Fresh and Frozen are handled with old world care yet utilize modern techniques for quality preservation. All natural, nothing added. This is the real deal!

Our fish is so delicious it’s a breeze to prepare. The lightest coating of your oil of choice (olive, avocado, walnut etc) to hold a crumble of Himalayan or sea salt and twist of freshly ground peppercorn results in an unparalleled dining experience. Exquisite on the grill, oven or stovetop.

This beautiful fish is only caught a few short weeks out of the year. The word is out and Copper River Salmon is recognized by discerning chefs and home cooks as the best and most coveted Wild Salmon there is. 

We handle all of the fish we catch with respect and consideration and we think you’ll notice the difference. 

Contains Pin Bones for quality.
In the commodity seafood industry, standard practice is to allow fresh caught salmon to "relax" for 3 or more days, so that pin bones can be removed without damaging the delicate meat- ours is frozen and packaged long before then. We prefer providing an exceptional quality with minimal handling and maximum freshness. We lock in our fresh caught flavor and nutrients with cutting edge flash freeze techniques. 
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