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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my FROZEN order ship?

MON, TUE & WED for delivery WED, THUR & FRI...

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We get every order out as fast as we can! If you place your order after late TUE, most likely we will not be able to ship until the following week. Please let us know if there is a special time frame in place.

How much does shipping cost?

Most often there is no additional cost...

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If an item does have an additional shipping fee, it will be noted in the product description. No surprises at check out.

Just-Frozen and Fresh-Catch Seafood will ship via UPS or FedEx in an eco-aware insulated box with dry ice.

Pantry Items will ship USPS Priority Mail via flat rate box and have an estimated delivery time of 5 days.

Is my shipment insured?

Only if you select the ROUTE option at check out. Please do!!

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We highly recommend you utilize the Route insurance option provided at checkout. In the case of a package arriving in less than optimal shape, you will immediately be able to file a no hassle claim with Route.

Without the insurance we will attempt to submit a claim on your behalf with the carrier. This can take several weeks for resolution without a guarantee of payment.

Are wholesale orders available?

Yes! We love working with chefs and food buying clubs

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We love working with discerning wholesale and restaurant clients. We produce traceable, high quality Copper River Salmon products specific to your needs.
Fresh-Catch or Just-Frozen. 

We're happy to work with food buying clubs and can pack large boxes with multiple smaller orders to allow a significant savings on shipping costs.

Alaska Airlines Cargo shipping to your city is a great option for bulk delivery.

Ak Air Cargo Cities

Where do the fish come from?

Our boat! Caught with care and intention in remote Alaska...

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All our offerings are from small-boat, wild-catch fisheries that are carefully monitored to ensure that a healthy abundance of each wild fish species is preserved.

We're a little boat in a big sea. If we are unable to personally catch enough, we will enlist the help of a select group of trusted fishermen that have been trained in our unique quality handling methods.

Will i have enough room in my freezer?

We think so! Here's why...

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In a standard household refrigerator with the freezer located at the top, 15 lbs will fit nicely under the middle shelf, easily allowing room for other items above.

Quick Math

3 x servings per week

2 x family members

= 6 servings (3 lb)

Eating your seafood is the best way to make more room in your freezer!

What are my delivery options?

Home or Office, delivered to your door...

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Just-Frozen or Fresh-Caught: via FedEx/UPS

Pantry Items: USPS Priority Mail

Airport Pick Up...

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We ship via Alaska Airlines Cargo for pick up at your city's airpot.

You'll have direct access and an unbeatable origin guarantee on our Wild-Caught Copper River Salmon and all our Alaska Seafood.

A great option for independent restaurants and seafood counters who want a premium product with minimal handling and transfer risk.

Check to see if you city is served by Alaska Airt Cargo.

List of AK Air Cargo Cities

*Please contact us before placing an order if AK Air Cargo is your preferred ship method.

Do you ship year round?

Yes, but only if we are not already sold out for the year...

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Copper River Salmon and our other Wild Alaska Seafood are only caught- in season.

Out of season- they simply are not availble; much like an autumn truffle or spring cherry blossom.

We produce our frozen product in small batches during the harvest season.

After we sell out of our last batch- we are sold out until the following spring when the fishing season begins again.

If you would like to enjoy our seafood this winter please plan ahead and place your order early to avoid dissapointment.

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