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Premium Cuts vs

Premium Cuts vs "Damn Near Perfect" Cuts

Copper River King is in a Class of Its Own.
​ We like to think of ours as the valedictorian and salutatorian. 

At sea, we take great care from the very instant your Copper River King Salmon comes aboard our boat. We coddle and fret, constantly checking ice levels and being hyper-vigilant in our quest to bring an unsurpassed quality salmon back to port. 

Our care does not stop there. Our small-boat catch is transformed into small-batch excellence.

Every action we take is intent on quality. Hand filleted and portioned to maximize best cuts from each fish. Speedy and efficient monitored timelines take our fish from fresh to frozen, while maintaining that fresh from the sea flavor.    

We utilize cutting-edge vacuum seal and flash freeze technology to produce a seafood product in the style of old-world craftsmanship. 

Sarah handwrites label codes on each package and scrutinizes the finished product. While every one of our Copper River King Salmon has been cherished from the first moment, some do not measure up in the presentation factor. 

This is where our "Damn Near Perfect" Cuts originate from. Maybe, we put a label on sideways or put the fish in its vacuum bag at an odd angle or cut a portion too large or too small. Or maybe during the salmon's life at sea, they got a scar on their skin or a myriad of other possibilities.  

There are many reasons Sarah may designate a King portion as a "Damn Near Perfect", but it will never be the result of poor handling. Always, absolutely always it is a cosmetic or surface imperfection. 

For consistency, choose our Premium Cuts. For quality, choose either one. For questions, ask Sarah.
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