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Why Our Salmon Tastes So Good

Why Our Salmon Tastes So Good

You'll be able to taste the difference!

To produce the finest tasting fresh and frozen Copper River Salmon we do things a lot differently. We employ all possible quality enhancing techniques. The best handling methods result in the best Salmon.  

We do our best to exceed your expectations...

To start with we select only the largest, fattest, premium Copper River Sockeye Salmon for our direct sales. Each one picked live from the fishing net. This is not standard practice. 

Then we cut a gill on our Salmon. This is a recommended but not always standard practice.

Our gill cut Salmon is placed in a circulating salt water tank. Not standard practice. This allows the fish to calmly expire while also effectively draining blood away from the back bone and fillet meat. Providing an exceptionally appealing appearance, extending shelf life and providing a cleaner taste on the pallet. 

Our Salmon is then placed in an immersion "slush ice". This is a mix of ice flakes and pure ocean water that chills the fish down to icy temps much faster than just ice alone. Not standard practice. 

Our Salmon remain in this slush ice until they arrive back into port and are butchered by hand. Not standard practice. 

In small artisan sized batches our Salmon are hand filleted and portioned. Carefully placed in individual bags and then vacuum sealed.  Not standard practice. 

The finished packages are transferred to trays for quick blast freezing at -30*F. All this occurs within a town block of where the fish are delivered back to port from the fishing grounds, directly from the fishing boat. Facilitating harvest to finished product in the fastest possible time. Not standard practice.

We produce multiple small frozen batches throughout the season. Shipping just after production. Our “Just Frozen” product has some of the freshest flavor profile you will find. Not standard practice.

Lastly; buying direct from Copper River Fish Market provides peace of mind. You can trust that the Salmon you receive is truly from the coveted Copper River region and that it has been handled carefully and with the greatest attention to detail.

We are a second generation AK fishing family and we deeply care about the quality of the products we produce. Copper River Salmon isn’t our job... it’s our life.

 Thank you for choosing to purchase your seafood direct from our fishing family!

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